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Connected Feeding with the nfant® Tracker App

Our Tracker App was designed to empower all parents and help every baby feed, grow and thrive. Use the app on its own, or unlock its full potential of our Smart Feeding technology when you use the app with the nfant® Thrive Feeding System.

nfant® Tracker App

nfant® Tracker App

Track baby’s height/weight on growth chart

Record daily intake of formula or breastmilk and amount consumed at each feeding

Track timing and duration of feedings

See and identify trends in baby’s feeding schedule

Record naps, sleep and wet diapers

Access in-depth guides and tips for using our Connected Feeding program

Identify and track your baby’s hunger and stress cues

Record and analyze real-time biofeedback data on how well your baby is feeding

Get data-based guidance on which nipple to use and when to make a change

See how adjustments and changes in your routine improve how well your baby feeds

Share feeding data with your pediatrician or feeding specialists

The Thrive System leverages our patented technology used in NICUs across the U.S.