Why Thrive?

Feeding your baby shouldn’t feel like guesswork.

Feeding your baby is one of the most important things you will do. It has a huge impact on your baby’s growth, brain development and ability to thrive.
So why do parents get so little help and guidance on how to do it?

First-time parents – and especially moms – are often expected to instinctively know how to tackle feeding like a seasoned pro. But in reality, many parents have never even held a newborn, let alone detect a hunger cue, prep a bottle or effortlessly achieve the perfect breastfeeding latch.

Our nfant® Thrive Feeding System treats feeding like a journey, not a high-stakes crash course with nobody leading the way. We take the guesswork out of feeding so you can focus on what matters most: Connecting with your baby.

nfant® Thrive is the first and only high-tech feeding system to deliver scientifically-proven data on how well your baby feeds.

Get answers from data

Fed up with variables, unknowns and what-ifs? The nfant® Thrive System analyzes your baby’s biofeedback data and feeding patterns to help you decide:

When should I feed my baby?

How much should I feed my baby?

Is my baby tired, hungry or very hungry?

How does my baby like to be held during feedings?

What bottle nipple flow rate is best for my baby right now?

Is my baby just sucking and snoozing, or still feeding?

Connected Feeding

Whether you are breastfeeding and supplementing, exclusively bottle feeding or transitioning to a bottle, our Connected Feeding program teaches you how to identify and respond to hunger cues and troubleshoot the most common feeding challenges.


Benefit from professional lactation and feeding support, all delivered virtually in the comfort of your home.

With nfant®, you can easily book telehealth appointments with specialists anytime you need advice or extra support. You can even share your baby’s feeding data ahead of your telehealth visit for an enhanced level of care.

Track every feed

Track all of your baby’s feedings, whether they were done by your spouse, grandma, your nanny or a sitter.

With our Caregiver Profiles, anyone can download the Tracker App and capture data about each feeding. It all gets recorded in your baby’s profile, and you control who sees your baby’s data.