Select Studies and Publications

Comparison of tongue muscle characteristics of preterm and full term infants during nutritive and nonnutritive sucking

A study published in Infant Behavior and Development tests our model for quantifying infant lingual force and size and compares the muscle measures of interest in healthy full-term infants and healthy preterm infants. Results suggest that infant tongue muscle characteristics necessary for successful feeding differ between healthy full term infants and preterm infants who are beginning oral feeding.

Quantifying the Impact of Common Feeding Interventions on Nutritive Sucking Performance Using a Commercially Available Smart Bottle

A study published in the Journal of Perinatal and Neonatal Nursing demonstrates how visual feedback combined with objective sucking performance metrics can be used to compare sucking skill pre/post-intervention and facilitate evidence-based decisions that optimize and personalize feeding.

Nutritive sucking abnormalities and brain microstructural abnormalities in infants with established brain injury: a pilot study

Initial results of a study to measure sucking abnormalities in infants with established brain injury in the NICU, published in Nature – Journal of Perinatology, shows that noninvasive quantitative assessment of nutritive sucking at bedside using the nfant® Feeding Solution may potentially be used as a biomarker for neonatal brain damage.

A comparison of the nutritive sucking performance of full term and preterm neonates at hospital discharge: A prospective study

A peer-reviewed study featuring nfant® Feeding Solution, published in Early Human Development, showed objective feeding metrics produced by nfant®Analytics predicted the feeding-related length of stay of preterm and full-term infants. These findings reflect the emerging consensus that objective assessment of feeding ability during a hospital stay may help identify infants at risk for delay in discharge or readmission.

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