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Feeding your baby, whether by bottle, breast or both, can be unexpectedly challenging. Many parents find themselves navigating issues like latching difficulties, milk supply concerns or bottle refusal, all of which can add stress to an already demanding time.

At nfant, we’re using innovative biofeedback technology to solve feeding questions that have long puzzled parents (and clinicians): Is milk flowing? Is my baby feeding correctly? If not, what should I do? With nfant, parents are supported with insights and assurance throughout the feeding journey.

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nfant Thrive Breast

Know when your milk is flowing, when it’s not, and when letdowns occur with our newest product for breastfeeding moms!

nfant Thrive Bottle

Proven in the NICU and now available at home, nfant Thrive Bottle provides data-based insights into how well your baby is feeding. 


nfant® Control Flow Nipples are designed to support infants along their journey to becoming highly skilled feeders.

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Optimize your feeding routine according to your baby’s unique needs. Download the free nfant Thrive Tracker App!

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nfant® Thrive Breast

Breastfeeding is a wonderful way to connect with and nourish your baby. But as every mom knows, nursing has its challenges and can leave you wondering if your baby is getting milk at the breast.

nfant® Thrive Breast is a first-of-its-kind product designed to ease your concerns and help you better understand when your milk is flowing, when it’s not, and when letdowns occur.

Experience truly Connected FeedingTM

The nfant® Tracker App combines biofeedback data with parent intuition to help you confidently respond to your baby’s cues and customize every feeding to your baby’s unique needs.

Why nfant® Thrive?TM

Learn how our innovative feeding system is empowering parents with a powerful combination of data, science, education and support.

Feeding 101

Growth, sleep, mood, diapers, health – it all comes back to how well your baby is feeding. Our Feeding 101 resource center takes the guesswork out of feeding. Our robust library walks you through every stage of feeding so you can focus on what’s important: Connecting with your baby.