Take the guesswork out of feeding

Introducing the first and only smart feeding system

At nfant® we’re using innovative biofeedback technology to solve feeding questions that have long puzzled parents (and clinicians): Is my baby feeding correctly? If not, what should I do? With nfant, the answer will be in the palm of your hand, with actionable guidance and clear coaching.

Become a Feeding Expert

Our Connected Feeding program trains you to identify, recognize and respond to feeding cues. Get step-by-step guidance in our app and in-depth resources at your fingertips.

Know Your Baby is Thriving

Our Smart Bottles are equipped with sensors that capture real-time feeding data during the most critical developmental phase of your baby’s life.

Customize Every Feeding

Optimize your feeding routine according to your baby’s unique needs. See how your baby reacts in real-time to changes – like a new nipple or feeding time – and respond accordingly.

Experience truly
Connected Feeding

The nfant® Tracker App combines biofeedback data with parent intuition to help you confidently respond to your baby’s cues and customize every feeding to your baby’s unique needs.

A phone screen shows the main dashboard from the nfant® Tracker App, which is displaying data from a baby's recent feedings.

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The nfant® Thrive Smart Bottle is shown on its charger stand.

Thrive System

Purchase the complete nfant® Thrive Feeding System kit.

A stack of nfant® Slow Flow Nipples is shown. These are part of a full line of nipples at flow rates for every baby's needs.


Shop Control Flow Nipples with scientifically proven flow rates.

A woman holds a mobile phone open to the login screen for the nfant® Tracker App.

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Download the nfant® Tracker App for Android and Apple iOS.

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Feeding 101

Growth, sleep, mood, diapers, health – it all comes back to how well your baby is feeding. Our Feeding 101 resource center takes the guesswork out of feeding. Our robust library walks you through every stage of feeding so you can focus on what’s important: Connecting with your baby.