Take the guesswork out of feeding

nfant® Thrive will be the first and only high-tech feeding system to deliver real-time data on how well your baby feeds, grows and thrives. 


The first and only smart feeding system

At nfant, we’re using innovative biofeedback technology to solve feeding questions that have long puzzled clinicians, researchers and parents: Is my baby feeding correctly? Is he/she consuming enough breastmilk or formula? If not, how should I respond?

The nfant® Thrive Feeding System is a game changer that will revolutionize the way modern parents feed their babies — and how pediatricians, feeding specialists and lactation consultants can support them.

Finally, no more guesswork. No more panic. And no more wondering if feeding is going well. The answer will be in the palm of your hands, with actionable guidance from our integrated nfant® Thrive Tracker App.

Introducing nfant® Thrive

Our patented technology is built around a smart sensor—compatible with bottles and breastfeeding—that will capture real-time feeding data during the most critical developmental phase of a baby’s life.

Smart Bottle

Our dishwasher-safe bottles are equipped with a removable smart sensor that will measure your baby’s sucking patterns to avoid stress cues as they learn to suck-swallow-breathe when feeding.

Breast Sensor

For breastfeeding, silicone pads placed around the nipple will communicate with the sensor, sending real-time data to the app to indicate when milk is flowing during feeding sessions.

Connect It All

Biofeedback will be sent wirelessly to an app where parents can see how their baby responds to changes—such as slower nipple flow—all in the comfort of home.

Real-Time Data, Proven Outcomes

Never before have parents had the ability to pivot and adapt their feeding strategies in response to real-time data. The nfant® Tracker App will allow you to track your baby’s weight and feeding schedule and identify trends over time.

Integrating our smart bottle or breastfeeding sensor (coming soon!) will take your experience to the next level. Receive live biofeedback during each feeding as well as guidance on pace, position, nipple flow speed and other adjustments you can make to optimize feedings for your baby’s unique needs.


Proven Results


Because you deserve better

We developed the Thrive Feeding System to help alleviate the silent suffering of mothers and parents for whom feeding is their top stressor. The driving force behind our innovative technology is a passionate desire to empower parents with data and feeding insights, and shine light on the long-held blindspots into how infants feed.

Never before have parents had the ability to pivot and adapt their feeding strategies in response to real data. Our patented technology finally adds the act of feeding your baby to the portfolio of today’s connected nursery.