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Improving the standard of feeding care in NICUs across the U.S

nfant® Feeding Solution provides real time biofeedback and objective metrics to support clinicians caring for infants who are struggling to feed.

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A mother bottle feeds her baby using the nfant® Smart Bottle and best practices taught by the Connected Feeding approach with nfant®.

Real-time data to support your cue-based feeding approach

Feeding difficulty is experienced by up to 70 percent of premature infants and up to 25 percent of full-term infants born in the U.S. The nfant® Feeding Solution supports the standard clinical visual assessment with objective feeding data, progress tracking and evidence-based tools that optimize the transition to oral feeding.

The nfant® Feeding Solution:

  • Produces real-time biofeedback as an infant feeds
  • Is peer reviewed and third-party validated

Independent studies have shown improvement in growth, development and
clinical outcomes:

  • Shortens transition to independent feeding
  • Shortens hospital stays
  • Reduces readmission rates
  • Reduces or eliminates radiation exposure associate with Video Fluoroscopy Swallow Studies (VFSS)
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for invasive G-tube surgery
  • Reduces the need for outpatient feeding services
  • Tongue tie assessment

How it works

The only FDA-cleared medical product that measures sucking performance during actual nutritional intake, nfant® Feeding Solution enables you to identify the infants who need more support, see the impact of your interventions in real time, and ensure continuity of care.


nfant® Nipples combine developmentally supportive liquid flow rates with the most consistent performance of any nipple currently on the market. Contact us for hospital pricing for nfant® nipples.

Smart Bottles

Any standard bottle can be turned into a smart device that measures sucking performance using the nfant® Coupling and nfant® Sensor, enabling a seamless integration into your existing NICU workflow.

Mobile App

Review objective feeding metrics for each intervention, compare feedings to full term metrics, generate reports and maintain continuity of care with nfant® Analytics.


Feeding signal metrics are sent wirelessly and instantaneously to your tablet. View the impact of your interventions in real time, and track and individualize care for each infant.

Proven Results

We developed the first FDA-cleared IoT neurological biofeedback device for newborns. Our patented technology has proven to help infants thrive in NICUs across the U.S. and at top hospitals and institutions.

The nfant Feeding system has been instrumental in bringing best practices to the bedside through educating parents, staff and physicians on the individual infant’s skills.”

— Nanette G. | Feeding Specialist

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