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nfant® announces new Thrive Feeding System and partnerships with SimpliFed and bttn

Connected Smart Feeding platform with baby bottle and mobile app now available for use at home with access to national telehealth network of feeding specialists and lactation consultants

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, Nov. 14, 2022 – nfant® today unveiled the nfant Thrive Feeding System, its parent-focused connected home nursery product line that applies cutting-edge technology to take the guesswork out of baby feeding. The company also announced a strategic alliance with two health platforms – SimpliFed and bttn. The partnership with SimpliFed, a maternal telehealth platform dedicated to infant nutrition and parental support, will deliver professional virtual lactation and feeding support to parents to optimize growth and development. The partnership with bttn, the world’s largest online medical supply store, will expand nfant’s eCommerce presence to both healthcare professionals and parents.

“Safety, sleep and feeding are the top concerns new parents have for their babies, with feeding being the most frequently cited cause of maternal anxiety,” says nfant CEO Tommy Cunningham, Ph.D. “Our breakthrough technology and strategic partnerships will provide invaluable information and access to both parents and pediatricians during the most critical developmental period of a newborn’s life.”

nfant has helped solve feeding problems for thousands of parents of newborns with its prescription-only, FDA-cleared nfant Feeding Solution and accessories. Independent research studies from top pediatric hospitals across the country have shown that using nfant Feeding Solution promotes growth and improves clinical outcomes so babies get home sooner with fewer complications and readmissions. With the nfant Thrive Feeding System, parents can access the same benefits through real-time data and guidance to optimize feedings unique to each baby’s needs and actionable insights to help prevent problems before they start.

SimpliFed will complement the benefits of nfant Thrive by offering nfant users professional virtual feeding and lactation support services. A growing list of commercial insurance providers and state Medicaid organizations fully cover the costs of these services, emphasizing the importance of early nutrition and growth. TRICARE, the insurance program that provides coverage to all military families, supports these services as well. SimpliFed’s parent users will now be able to share feeding data from the nfant Thrive Tracker App to their medical professionals for an enhanced level of care.

“We are honored to partner with nfant to help redesign the care experience surrounding feeding babies,” says Andrea Ippolito, CEO/Founder of SimpliFed. “Families and clinicians need more evidence-based tools to help them better understand how to feed babies to help them grow and thrive. Baby feeding has long been overlooked and it is critical to have access to data-driven tools to guide the progression of feeding in ways that optimize growth and early development.”

The nfant Thrive Feeding System and related accessories will be available for purchase through bttn, the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in healthcare.

“bttn was built to give brands better access to healthcare customers via eCommerce, which has been a largely ignored channel until now,” says JT Garwood, CEO/Co-Founder of bttn. “Breakthrough medical technologies like nfant need eCommerce capabilities and digital sales to get in front of customers in new and innovative ways. We are proud to feature nfant alongside the world’s top manufacturers of medical supplies and devices.”

For interviews with nfant CEO Tommy Cunningham, SimpliFed CEO Andrea Ippolito or bttn CEO JT Garwood, please contact Greg Pitkoff at (718) 404-9277 or