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nfant® Unveils Wearable Technology To Measure Milk flow During Breastfeeding, Launches Pediatric Partnership Program at AAP 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 23, 2023)nfant®, the leading provider of FDA-cleared smart baby feeding solutions, unveiled nfant Thrive Breast, its groundbreaking new product for breastfeeding mothers, as part of the launch of its Pediatric Partnership Program at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) 2023 National Conference & Exhibition. 

nfant Thrive Breast, the first product to measure milk flow during breastfeeding, addresses a primary concern for breastfeeding moms. With this highly anticipated addition to the nfant Thrive Connected Feeding™ System launched earlier this year, nfant will offer a full suite of feeding solutions for breast and bottle feeders, in the hospital or at home, available to parents, caregivers and medical professionals.

nfant Thrive Breast includes a smart sensor and durable silicon pads placed on the mother’s breast to non-invasively track milk flow while preserving the natural connection between mother and baby. The device captures critical information on consumption and transmits it to the nfant Thrive Tracker App for real-time viewing by parents and sharing with pediatricians and lactation consultants. The nfant Tracker App now includes new topics within Feeding 101, a growing content library to help reduce anxieties around feeding, all reviewed by nfant’s Clinical Advisory Board.

“Today’s moms and dads are data driven and demand more support and better solutions for ensuring their newborns have the best opportunity for growth and development,” says nfant CEO Tommy Cunningham, Ph.D. “nfant’s Connected Feeding system helps parents take the guesswork out of feeding their newborn, instilling confidence through real-time, actionable data as they learn to recognize and respond to baby’s feeding preferences and capabilities.”

nfant’s new Pediatric Partnership Program offers medical professionals a host of useful resources to advance the standard of care for newborn feeding. Participation includes access to best practices, latest research, a peer community of support services including virtual lactation support, and discounted pricing for their patients.

“I’m very excited to be leading nfant’s Clinical Advisory Board, working with my colleagues to help guide the company in the development of products that address the most imminent concerns of our patients,” says Jessie Zak, M.D. “Pediatricians are continually seeking reliable solutions and resources that we can share with new parents and the new Pediatric Partnership Program enables us to collectively elevate the standard of care.”

nfant Thrive Bottle and accessories are currently available and nfant Thrive Breast will be available for shipment in the first quarter of 2024.  All products can be purchased directly through the company’s website as well as through Amazon.

Members of the medical community attending AAP 2023 can schedule briefings of the new Pediatric Partnership Program and see demonstrations of nfant products in Booth #1247. For interviews with nfant CEO Tommy Cunningham or Dr. Zak, please contact Greg Pitkoff at (718) 404-9277 or