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nfant® Thrive Breast Now Commercially Available

Groundbreaking smart device informs breastfeeding moms when milk is flowing, with insights and assurance to support their breastfeeding journey

PORT RICHEY, FLA., UNITED STATES, June 11, 2024 / – nfant® announced today that it has begun shipping the first commercial packages of its nfant Thrive Breast smart feeding system. Offering insights and assurance to support the breastfeeding journey, the groundbreaking solution takes the guesswork out of feeding by tracking milk flow and letdown along with providing access to a wealth of resources and support.

nfant Thrive Breast is a first-of-its-kind product that is calibrated to each individual mom and blends seamlessly with the natural connection between mother and baby. Designed to ease the concerns of breastfeeding moms who want to better understand when their milk is flowing, when it’s not, and when letdowns occur, nfant Thrive Breast non-invasively supports a mother’s intuition while sending flow information to the nfant Thrive Tracker App for real-time viewing.

nfant Thrive Breast enters the market as a health and wellness product to safely and non-invasively measure milk flow in nursing mothers, providing insights into breast milk ejection during breastfeeding or pumping sessions.

“Knowing if your baby is getting milk at the breast is the No. 1 cause of breastfeeding anxiety,” notes Tommy Cunningham, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of nfant. “With the commercial availability of nfant Thrive Breast, we are realizing our mission to improve health outcomes for both mom and baby by increasing breastfeeding success and longevity rates, and by reducing stress and anxiety through baby’s critical first year of life.”

Moms enrolled in nfant’s Early Access program have been using the new system under the supervision of nfant’s Clinical Advisory Board to ensure proper use, gathering and interpretation of data from their breastfeeding sessions. Erica Skolnick, a participant in the Early Access program, remarked, “As a mom, the postpartum period and 4th trimester are so trying. Between hormones and balancing being a new parent (or parent again), breastfeeding presents an additional and often overwhelming hurdle. This device is a true gift, giving moms like myself such valuable information and confidence to help us achieve success, along with our doctors and lactation consultants.”

“nfant Thrive Breast is the only device of its kind that allows moms and pediatricians to gauge active milk flow while breastfeeding. The lightweight design makes it incredibly easy to use,” added Shea Fleming, M.D., Skolnick’s pediatrician, a member of the company’s Clinical Advisory Board collecting data using nfant Thrive Breast. “Finally, there is a way I can help a nursing mother understand the pattern of her milk flow and the pattern of how her baby feeds without pumping!”

nfant unveiled its finished product at last month’s ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas, where it received a 2024 Editors’ Choice award from “Reviewed,” part of the USA Today Network and a division of Gannett Satellite Information Network, LLC. In “The Best of the ABC Kids Expo 2024,” Reviewed reporter Anna Lane wrote, “I was lucky enough to see a prototype of the nfant Thrive Breast at CES back in 2022 and I was so excited to see the actual product that’s finally available”…“nfant Thrive Breast is a total game changer for nursing moms”…“The horseshoe-shaped gadget has a non-invasive sensor that tracks milk flow and letdown, and the info gets sent to the companion app so parents can easily share the findings with their pediatrician or lactation consultant.”

nfant Thrive Breast is now available for purchase on the company’s website or new and expectant parents can add nfant Thrive Breast to their online registries on Babylist.

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